Tap ‘n’ Pop 3 Balloon Adventures: Not Bad

Tap ‘n’ Pop 3: Balloon Adventures is yet another Candy Crush clone, but instead of crushing candy you are tapping and popping balloons. Excuse me, tapping ‘n’ popping balloons. Questionable use of apostrophes aside, this game is a solid little romp in the tap and match category of mobile games. It’s as standard as they

Jump 4 Cheese: Weird, Bare Bones, and Fun

Jump 4 Cheese makes no sense. I mean none. I think that you’re playing as an 8-bit, flying mouse, and you have to avoid evil, red, 8-bit, falling mice to try and get cheese. The cheese looks like clip art. Also, all of this is happening in front of some cityscape. The controls are weird

Balancing Act: Stressful But Good

In Balancing Act you play as a construction worker who must run from one side of a steel girder to the other to try and keep the beam from tilting to far and dropping you to the ground. If that weren’t enough, you must also dodge and jump over obstacles that are some how falling

Placemino: Tetris With A Twist

Placemino is like what would happen if Tetris removed the speed element. See, with Placemino the pieces don’t fall into stacks, you have to place them on a large grid. Rows will still disappear once they’re full, but the challenge comes from running out of room for the strange pieces. I really enjoy this game.

Sheep Hero: Really More Of A Zero

In Sheep Hero you find yourself guiding sheep over dangerous, yet geometrically perfect, ledges. The goal is to get sheep across the canyons and into their barn, but you must also be careful to kill the wolves. Every time one of them appears you have to shoot it, because if it gets to the barn,

Minims: A Slow Build

In Minims: A New Beginning, you play as a Minim and solving puzzles. It’s a point and click adventure with quirky 3D graphics and animation. I just…I don’t think I really liked it. I want to start by saying that I am negatively biased against point and click adventure games for the main reason that

Hovercraft: Favorite Game Of The Year

In Hovercraft you see how far you can race your blocky-hovercraft before it gets destroyed. You can race using pre bought models or you can build your own responsive models instead. I’m not going to mince words here, this game blew me away. It’s incredible. You truly build your own model and then race it,

Just Fred: Just fun

In Just Fred, players control Fred, a blue fuzz-blob, as he journeys his way across various puzzles in a daring attempt to rescue his girlfriend. This game may have some issues and lackluster graphics, but honestly, I enjoyed it. I’ve reviewed a lot of games so far, and turned down even more. Let me tell

Let’s Go Champ: On Second Thought, Lets Not

Let’s Go Champ is an endless runner where players control the boxer Shannon “The Canon” Briggs as he moves across a pier. You collect coins and fight baddies as you hop your way around obstacles. On the surface this game looks fine, but it doesn’t take long to see that this it has plenty of

Bob’s Space Adventures: A Classic Gets A New Chance

In Bob’s Space Adventures you find yourself as Bob, an astronaut who went from fixing a space ship to fighting off alien hordes in a matter of seconds. Charming retro graphics and smooth controls make this game well worth the download. Adventures is a really fun game, it’s just the right level of challenging to

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