I’ve been reviewing games for a while now, and the sheer scope of genres never ceases to amaze me. There are some fantastically specific games out there, but one broad genre never fails to catch my attention: Physics Games. On the whole, these games are some of the most inventive on the market. From creating

Fly Or Dive: From the Maker of Tetris

I have to say when I found out this game was from the same mind as the grand daddy of addicting games, I was super skeptical. In fact, I’m still skeptical. It looks like Alexey Pajitnov really did have a hand in this game (he makes a bunch of mobile games now), but I don’t

Twist: What a Twist!

The longer I do this “review” gig, the more and more I learn to look for designers. I noticed the designer for Twist was also the one who made Neogen, an app I have kept on my phone for months. Going on that portfolio alone, I decided to take a look at Twist. I’m very

Cave Dash: Big Potential Lost In Tiny Details

Cave Dash is a good, fun game. Let me get that out there right off the bat so you understand where I’m coming from. This game reminds me of what happens why you try to sneak too much stuff into what should be a straightforward game. There are weird things story wise and game wise

Jumpy: It’s Confession Time

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to admit his flaws. And today I come to you, dear readers, with the solemn admission that I am absolute garbage at playing Jumpy. Just…the worst. This is the first game that I have been so bad at that I have literally been unable

Don’t Pop The Bomb: Simple, But Good

Don’t Pop the Bomb is a simple yet addicting game that tasks you with defusing a bomb. The way you do it is carefully time your screen tapping so that a spinning yellow dot matches up with another stationary dot. However, as you go further and further the dots appear faster and faster. Can you

Listmas: Christmas Goes Digital

Well, November is here so you know what that means: it’s Christmas season. Forget that other holiday with the turkey, jolly old Santa has established a stranglehold on the holiday season and he isn’t likely to let go. With that in mind, our next app makes planning for Christmas gifts way, way easier. Listmas is

Starific: I Have No Idea What’s Going On But I Love It

Oh boy. This is one of those games where everything on screen is bursting into colors at once and you’re just barely hanging on for the ride. At it’s core, it’s a Pong style game where you have to use bumpers to keep a bouncy star within the playing field. But that’s barely scratching the

Ambar’s Fate: Choose Your Own Adverture!

I think that anyone who enjoyed their time in middle school is familiar with the “choose your own adventure” style of books. They were a lot of fun, a sort of game-book hybrid that made reading fun! Unless you were some sort of a nerd and enjoyed reading at age 10 already, (full disclosure, I

Cube Collider: Oddly Addicting

Do you know what time it is?! That’s right readers it’s time for Mike to talk about the minimalism game of the week! This time the game on the proverbial chopping block is Cube Collider! This may be one of the simplest games I have ever played, but it’s also one of the most addicting.