YouMail: You Should Get This

One of the coolest things about this tech boom is what it has done for the entrepreneurs and prosumers of the world. There are so many programs, gadgets, and apps out there to help us make our own businesses run smoothly, now the problem is trying to sift through them all. Well, YouMail is a

Textpert: It’s Time To Crowdsource Conversations

Boy, what a time to be alive. Seriously, we are at the point in time when we start using technology just to see what will happen. Textpert is a pretty good example of using technology in new, yet incredibly obvious, ways. Textpert quite literally crowdsources your conversations and boy, that is…that is just great. It’s

Kuhu’s Planet – Zing The Zompires

I haven’t reviewed a slicer or tapper in a while, so I figured I’d give Kuhu’s Planet a try. It was a good decision. In this endless shooter you have to destroy zompires, which I think are zombie vampires? For some reason though, they just look like moldy marshmallows. Anyway, every time you zing them,

Where’s My Eye?! Interesting Puzzle Game

Easily the grossest platformer I have ever seen, Where’s My Eye is also one of the most original. The story is that you are playing as an eyebal, yes a literal bouncing eyeball, and you must reunite with your zombie head. It’s a humorously gross take on the platfroming genre and has a lot of

New York Pilots – 3D Air Racing: Boy, this game is awful

Ok listen: this is not a good game. We get a lot of games sent to us, and I really try to only review the good ones, to direct you guys to the games that I think are worth your time. But every once in a great while, a game comes along that I just

Filterra: Your New Favorite Photo Editor

While major smart phone manufacturers need to be given credit for ramping up their smartphones’ photo editing capabilities, they still leave a lot to be desired. But there are so many apps in the app store for photo editing, how are you supposed to choose? Well, let me make it simple for you: just get

Dragon vs Ducks: Gets a Solid A

In Dragon vs Ducks: Bubble Gum Fight you play as a cute, flightless dragon who must fight off the evil ducks to win back his bubble gum formula. The bubble gum formula gives your dragon the ability to fly, you see, and the ducks stole it. Why did the ducks, who can fly already, steal

Teach Me Time: It Does Indeed Teach You Time

This app is very interesting to me. See, analog clocks used to be all the rage. You couldn’t go anywhere without one of those bad boys strapped to your wrist. But then came digital clocks, what with their fancy “no hands” approach to time and all, that really messed up analog’s reputation. People just looked

Science Game: It’s Trying So Hard And That’s Great

Ohhhhhhh Science Game, much like the quiet nerd in the back of class, we know that you have a lot to offer, you’re just a little too hard to deal with now. Maybe in a few years after college mellows you out, you’ll be a little easier to work with. Science Game is a very

Redbooth: Work Like It’s The Future

I know this isn’t going to pertain to a lot of you out there, but to those of you who run a small business or are in charge of coordinating any kind of work group…this one is a gift to you. The app I am referring to of course is the sleeper hit Redbooth. It’s