Image Transfer: Not Sure What This Is For

Image Transfer is a utility app based on a very singular need: moving your photos and videos from one device to another. This is one of those strange problems that isn’t so much a problem unless you really want it to be. It’s like those infomercials where people mess up really easy tasks in order

Swingman and Friends: UGH

Swingman is an app about a hero named Swingman who swings. You can also unlock his friends and have them swing too. There are special diamonds to collect in your travels and you can challenge your friends directly in-app over Twitter and Facebook. But I did none of that because this is not a game,

Bounceback: The Best Stick Simulator Ever

Bounceback – Endless Gamek is a game that I fear will be hard to describe. The app store describes it as, “The goal is to make the stick travel as far right as possible!” And that is really it. You control, although I use that word very loosely, a stick as it bounces along a

Lokum: Fantastic New Puzzler

In Lokum players have to use their wits to get through 30 different levels, each featuring a unique puzzle. The art design is great, the controls are steady, and the avatars cute. While it does suffer some hiccups along the way, Lokum is a good mobile game. Honestly, its wonderful to see a game like

Cookie Drop Catch: More Like A Miss

In Cookie Drop Catch you must tap as many cookies as you can before they hit the ground, presumably because of health code reasons. While I think this game is really cute and would maybe entertain some of you out there, it feels a bit on the lacking side. See, these “tap and swipe at

Grumpy Granny: Oddly Enough, it’ll Cheer You Up

Grumpy Granny is an endless runner where players must help an ornery octogenarian around obstacles on her mission to rescue all her helpless “kits” (kittens). Players have to be careful though, if they miss a cat on their path, Granny loses her cool and may crash into a fence or a rock. This is a

Tap ‘n’ Pop 3 Balloon Adventures: Not Bad

Tap ‘n’ Pop 3: Balloon Adventures is yet another Candy Crush clone, but instead of crushing candy you are tapping and popping balloons. Excuse me, tapping ‘n’ popping balloons. Questionable use of apostrophes aside, this game is a solid little romp in the tap and match category of mobile games. It’s as standard as they

Jump 4 Cheese: Weird, Bare Bones, and Fun

Jump 4 Cheese makes no sense. I mean none. I think that you’re playing as an 8-bit, flying mouse, and you have to avoid evil, red, 8-bit, falling mice to try and get cheese. The cheese looks like clip art. Also, all of this is happening in front of some cityscape. The controls are weird

Balancing Act: Stressful But Good

In Balancing Act you play as a construction worker who must run from one side of a steel girder to the other to try and keep the beam from tilting to far and dropping you to the ground. If that weren’t enough, you must also dodge and jump over obstacles that are some how falling

Placemino: Tetris With A Twist

Placemino is like what would happen if Tetris removed the speed element. See, with Placemino the pieces don’t fall into stacks, you have to place them on a large grid. Rows will still disappear once they’re full, but the challenge comes from running out of room for the strange pieces. I really enjoy this game.