Tip Tap Overlap – Challenging Brain Teaser Game

I’m always scouting out new and unusual games to try for the iPad and iPhone. I love puzzle games especially. So when I came across Tip Tap Overlap in the app store free section, I figured it was worth a try for a game modeled after one of every child’s favorite games: Tic Tac Toe. This brainteaser style game requires strong thinking and a good eye for x’s and o’s.

The game is easy enough to learn, and the starter level of the game will walk you through the basics. This was a big plus as there is nothing worse than a poor (or no) tutorial on puzzle games. The basic idea of Tip Tap Overlap is to rearrange your four tic tac toe boards to mirror the golden board when they are overlapped. To earn a star for that puzzle board you must mirror the golden board in a certain amount of moves or less. You can rearrange your four boards in two different ways. First by rotating it left or right, and second by flipping. Sometimes to solve a puzzle you’ll need to flip and rotate tic tac toe board to make it fit the solution.

 Tip Tap Overlap   Challenging Brain Teaser Game

What is difficult about this game is you have four boards to keep track of that fit in only one specific direction to solve the puzzle at hand. You have to be able to see the big picture and then dive in to the tiny pieces that make up your picture and arrange them just so. The game also starts as a 3×3 grid of x’s and o’s… but as you advance you will tackle 4×4 and even 5×5 grids. You can of course ask for help while playing by pressing the hint button. As a hint, a capital F will appear on one of the boards in a weird position/direction. You must move the board to make the F stand up in the right direction, once your F is properly oriented you know that board is in its correct position. The game gives you three hints automatically, additional hints can be purchased for $.99-1.99 depending on how many you want to buy. Additional puzzles can also be purchase for $.99.

Tip Tap Overlap is a fun new game to check out for anyone who likes brain teasers. As a puzzle lover this was a nice addition to my collection of apps and best of all: it’s free!

appstore badge1 Tip Tap Overlap   Challenging Brain Teaser Game

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